Line up the Lines

Take the Promise (or the Law of the Pack) and write it out on strips of paper in large letters. If you want, you can cut the lines up into chunks or half-lines. Then have a team challenge for the whole group. Mix up the strips on the floor or in a box. One by one, a Cub hops to the box, grabs a strip, and brings it back to the group. The next Cub hops up and gets another strip and brings it back to the group. Hopping is done to give the group time to arrange the strips in order. The group has to agree on how to arrange the strips. When done, they recite the Promise together.

Gossip Game

Have everyone sit in a large circle. The host partner whispers a phrase or short sentence to the person on his left. That person whispers what he heard to the next player to the left, and so on. The last player to receive the message should repeat what the message is. The leader then repeats the original message which is often very different from the last person's message.

Hear, Bear Game

This is a game of identifying sounds. The den chief produces the sounds below from behind a screen or in another room and the Cubs listen. As each sound is produced, the boys write down what they think it is. Sample sounds are: Sandpaper rubbed on glass, Pack of cards dropped on a table, Egg whipper whipping cream, Golf ball or ping-pong ball bouncing on a bare floor, Piece of metal being filed, Slicing bread, Cutting glass with a glass cutter, Bursting a paper bag.

Mysterious Message

Mysteries sometimes include coded messages. Let your Cubs create a code, write coded messages and then decode each other's messages. If you have access to a computer and printer you can use wingdings (font) or use the let the Cubs develop their own secret code using the alphabet.
Materials: Paper and pencils
Write the alphabet across a chalkboard. Below the letters write the numbers 1-26, with "1" below "A," "2" below "B," etc. Then write a simple, short sentence on the board and write the number equivalent of the first word. Ask your Cubs to write the number equivalents of the remaining words.
Challenge each den group to make up a code based on a growing number pattern (e.g., 1, 2, 4, 7, 11 . . .). On a sheet of paper, have Cubs write the alphabet and the number that will stand for each letter, just as you did on the board. Now have the Cubs write a secret message (a short sentence) and encode the message on another sheet of paper.


One Cub is secretly chosen to be Moriaty, the fest are English detectives. Everyone walks around shaking hands, introducing themselves and making small talk. A victim is killed when Moriaty tickles his palm during the handshake. The victim must wait at least 5 seconds before dying in as dramatic manner as possible, he may even have time to shake another hand in the interval. The object of the game is to discover Moriarty and publicly accuse him before being killed. If the accuser is discovered, he picks the next Moriarty and participated in the next game by shaking hands, etc. He cannot make an accusation but acts as referee since he knows who Moriarty is.

The Yell

Number of Scouts: Depends on your tolerance for yelling, but the number can be unlimited
Scouts stand in a line. They run as far as they can on one yelled breath. Get them to take a good breath before hand. When they have to stop yelling, they are to sit down where they are.

Body, Voice, Eyes

This game is best played in a gym or some open area. Divide the Cubs into groups of three. Two of the boys are blindfolded, with the third being permitted to see. One of the blindfolded Cubs is the body; he can move but CAN NOT see or speak. The other blindfolded Cub is the voice, he can speak but can NOT see nor move. The third CUB is the eyes, he can see but CAN NOT speak or move.
For each team of Cubs, place a ball somewhere within the playing area. Also place one traffic cone somewhere in the playing area. Each team's goal is to guide their body to their team's ball, pick it up, and then touch it to the traffic cone. The voice and the eyes for each team will have to give the body directions to find the ball. This is much more difficult than it sounds as the eyes and voice need to be able to effectively communicate with each other in order to give directions to the body.

Newspaper Code

Use pencils or crayons of several different colors and a sheet of newspaper for each boy. Have each boy write a message with one of the colors by circling letters going from left to right and top to bottom. Then use the other colors and circle other letters all over the page so the real message is hidden. Exchange papers and have someone else decode the message.