Webelos Geologist Discussion

  1. What are all mountains made of? Rocks
  2. How do mountains differ? Show them pictures of the Himalayas, the Rockies, and the Appalachians. Explain that some mountains are very steep with jagged cliffs and high peaks, while others look more like low, tree covered hills.
  3. What's the difference between a mountain and a mountain range? Explain that sometimes a mountain, such as a large volcano, may stand alone. But most mountains form clusters, with many grouped very close together. These mountains form a mountain range.
  4. Do mountain ranges exist underwater? Yes, some of the longest mountain ranges in the world are beneath the oceans. Some of the peaks in these ranges, which are usually volcanic peaks, stick up through the surface, forming islands.
  5. What is the highest continental mountain in the world? Mt. Everest, in Tibet and Nepal. It is 29,028 feet high.
  6. What is the tallest oceanic mountain in the world? Mauna Kea, on the island of Hawaii. It rises 33,476 feet off the ocean floor.
  7. How does the temperature change when you climb a mountain? It gets colder as you get higher. That is one of the reasons different kinds of plants and animals live in different places on a mountain.
  8. How does the temperature affect the types of plants that grow on a mountain? Near the bottom of a mountain where the air is warmer, there are many plants and some of them are very tall. As you get higher and the temperature gets colder, there are fewer plants and most are short and stubby. At the very top of a high mountain, it is too cold for most plants, including trees, to grow. On the tops of high mountains, you'll find either bare rock or rock covered with ice and snow.
  9. Can you name some animals that live on mountains? Mountain sheep, mountain goats, giant pandas, pikas, mountain quail, snow leopards, etc. Explain that some of these animals have special adaptations for mountain life.
  10. Where do mountains exist today? Point out major mountain ranges on a map of the world.
  11. What are 3 types of volcanos? shield, cinder cone, composite.