Tree Life Calendar

    Look at a cross-cut section of a tree trunk and pretend it was growing in Minnesota
    and was just cut down today.
    Figure out these questions:
  1. Is your tree a hardwood or softwood? _______
  2. Scratch the wood and sniff it. What does it smell like? ________________________
  3. Describe the bark. _____________________________________________________
  4. What kind of tree is it? _______
  5. When was your tree born? _______
  6. When your tree was 10 years old, how was the weather? _______
  7. How old was your tree during the driest years of its life? _______
  8. How old was your tree during the wettest years of its life? _______
  9. Were there any stressful events in your tree's life? ___________

    Write the number on the growth ring when:
  11. You were born.
  12. Your mother or father was born.
  13. The century started.

  14. Mark North, South, East, and West on your tree.