Webelos Aquanaut Activity Badge Worksheets


Basic Safe Swim Rules

Use the following key to decode these rules
12345678910111213 14151617181920212223242526
___ ___ ___ ' ___      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
4 15 14 20 16 1 14 9 3
___ ___ ___ ___ ___
20 8 9 14 11
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
19 1 22 5 25 15 21 18 19 20 18 5 14 7 20 8


Safe Swim Spots

Circle the correct answer, True or False, for each statement.
T  F The best place to swim is one that has qualified lifeguards. If there is no supervision, do not swim.
T  F If you get trapped with weeds tangled around your legs, don't struggle. Use slow movements to get free.
T  F Do not swim after dark, even if adults are around. Finding a lost swimmer my not be possible.
T  F If a river current catches you, don't fight it. Swim with the current and towards shore. You may get swept downriver, but you will eventually reach shore with more strength left.


Do's and Don'ts In and Around Water

Circle the correct answer, DO or DON'T for each statement.
  1.   DO   DON'T   get out of the water when you are tired or cold.
  2.   DO   DON'T   learn how to swim from a qualified instructor.
  3.   DO   DON'T   be a "show off" or bother others.
  4.   DO   DON'T   swim with a buddy.
  5.   DO   DON'T   swim right after eating.
  6.   DO   DON'T   dive into water without knowing its depth.
  7.   DO   DON'T   check with your buddy to see if he knows how to swim.
  8.   DO   DON'T   beware of sunburn. Cover up and use sun screen.
  9.   DO   DON'T   dive into water without knowing what is under the surface.
  10.   DO   DON'T   Have your doctor tell you of any problems found in your fitness checkup.
  11.   DO   DON'T   swim alone.


Swimming & Rescue

Using words from the list below, fill in the correct answer for each phrase or description.
Surface DiveCrawl StrokeSwim AbilityBackstrokeGo
SidestrokeReachAdult SupervisionBuddy SystemThrow
  1. __________ Do not swim if this is not present.
  2. __________ This should be the same for swim buddies.
  3. __________ This is good common sense because you can help each other if one gets in trouble or help each other to improve swimming skills.
  4. __________ This stroke begins with floating on your back.
  5. __________ This stroke is done on either your left side or your right side.
  6. __________ In this stroke your head changes from facing down to facing to the side so you can take a breath of air.
  7. __________ This skill involves floating face down, then bending sharply at the waist and aiming toward the bottom.
  8. __________ Rescue method where you extend something for the victim to grab onto.
  9. __________ This rescue method involves providing a floating device to the victim.
  10. __________ This is the last rescue choice where you must get to the victim, preferably in a boat or other form of support.


Scout Rules for a Safe Swim

Number these items in order of importance to you. Start with #1 being the most important.
_____ Know the dangers of water.
_____ Know your abilities and your limitations in water.
_____ Always swim with a buddy.
_____ Know your boat or watercraft.
_____ Get regular physical examinations by your family doctor.
_____ Wait a while after eating to give your food time to digest.
_____ Practice to improve your abilities.
_____ Know and follow all waterfront rules and beach regulations.
_____ Never dive into unknown waters.
_____ Never show off or take a dare.
_____ Never swim underwater more than a few seconds.
_____ Never drink alcoholic beverages.


Boat Safety

Fill in the blank with one of the following words:
weight     shore     hang     overload     middle     flotation
  1. Always wear a personal _______________ device.
  2. Don't _______________ the boat.
  3. Balance the _______________ evenly in the boat.
  4. If the boat tips over, _______________ onto it and kick to shore.
  5. Step into the _______________ seat when changing seats or getting in.
  6. Head for _______________ if bad weather comes.


Boating Safety

Circle the correct answer(s) for each statement.
  1. In a rowboat ( 1 OR 2 OR 3 ) people per seat is a safe rule.
  2. ( Children OR Scouts OR Adults ) should wear a life jacket in a boat 20 feet or shorter.
  3. If your boat tips over ( swim to shore OR hang onto the boat ).
  4. Always keep a lookout for ( other boats OR swimmers OR sharks).


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