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Webelos Readyman Activity Badge Requirements

Webelos Readyman Activity Badge Requirements

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Badge Name: Readyman         Start Date: Jan. 1st         Completion Date: Jan. 31st
Den Meeting Location: Josh's house         Date/Time: 01/08 - 7:00pm
Den Outing Location: Cabin Weekend         Date/Time: 01/25
Fulfilling Badge Requirements:
#1:(explain first aid)
Activity: Discussion Questions
#2:(help list for home)
Activity: Discussion and complete Help List handout.
#3:(bleeding, breathing, poison, heart attack)
Activity: play-act situation and treat the problem.
#4:(treat shock)
Activity: play-act situation and treat the problem.
#5:(cuts, burns, choking)
Activity: play-act situation and treat the problem.
#6:(safe swim)
Activity: review rules from Aquanaut badge
#8:(fire escape plan)
Homework: with family, define a plan
#9:(first aid kit usage)
Activity: disect our 1st aid kit
Homework: check first aid kit at home with parents
#10:(likely accidents)
Activity: Discussion
#11:(car safety)
Activity: Discussion

Homework do before Den Meeting:

Den Meeting Agenda:
TimeActivity, Game, Presentation, Skill, ...
6:55Gathering: Knot tying for prizes. Leader says a knot. First scout to toss him his rope with the correct knot wins.
7:00Opening Ceremony - What is Boy Scout motto? (Be Prepared)   What is First Aid?
7:05Safety Presentation - In general, what is required to 'Be Prepared'?
Review 'Safe Swim' rules and buddy system.
Discuss emergency plans for home, church, a theatre, a beach.
Test our fire alarm.
How can you be prepared during a Sunny day, Downpour, Lightning storm, Tornado, Explosion, Car wreck, Fire?
7:20Game: Marble Drop
7:30First Aid - 4 Hurry Up cases - what are they and how are they handled? (breathing, bleeding, poison, heart attack)
What is Shock and how is it treated?
How are cuts, burns, and choking recognized and treated?
7:45Winter Safety and 1st Aid - frostbite, falling through ice, car in blizzard
8:00First Aid practice game - put different problems in hat. Scout draws one and acts it out. Others raise hand to guess. One that is correct treats the wound and draws next. Or, play Banged Up Benny.
8:15Introduce Emergency Preparedness Award - build emergency kit with Dad. Organize a training program for the den - work in teams of 2/3. Stranger Awareness, Internet Safety, Home Safety, Emergency Preparation.
8:20Closing Ceremony - Outdoor Code, Scout Promise
8:25Snack and Clean-up

Homework do after Den Meeting:
  • Do a Good Turn every day
  • Practice 1st Aid on Mom and Dad
  • Prepare your den training program for Emergency Preparedness. Contact den leader when ready.

Den Outing Agenda:
We spend a weekend at the cabin doing lots of different activities.
We will finish up Readyman requirements plus some requirements from many other badges.
Each adult and scout sign up to:
  • Prepare one meal for the group
  • Lead one game
  • Tell one story
  • Teach one scouting skill
Everyone should turn in their plans to the den leader ahead of time to create the master plan.

Which activities need to be scheduled? Arrange food and travel for weekend.


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