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Webelos Naturalist Activity Badge Requirements

Webelos Naturalist Activity Badge Requirements

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Badge Name: Naturalist         Start Date: Aug. 1st         Completion Date: Aug. 31st
Den Meeting Location: none         Date/Time:
Den Outing Location: Lowry Nature Center         Date/Time: Aug. 24 - 4:00pm
Fulfilling Badge Requirements:
#3: Activity: Visit Lowry Nature Center
#5: Activity: View a flyways map. List birds that migrate through Minnesota - see MN Bird Checklist.
Game: Unscramble Bird Names, Categories, Quiz
Homework: Look for birds flying north or south and tell at next den meeting.
#6: Activity: Use Naturalist Discussion Questions to list and identify the poisonous plants and venomous reptiles in Minnesota.
Game: Give clues about snake or plant and see who gets it first.
#7: Activity: Locate 6 different animals along the nature center trails and quietly observe each one. Fill out an Observation card for each.
Game: Choose one of the animals we saw and mimic it to see if everyone can guess which you are
#8: Activity: Place every animal you see on a Food Chain Card.
Look for rotting logs and leaves and poke around in them to see what you find living there.
While walking, discuss the balance of nature and how humans have changed it. Discuss what effects our conservation project might have.

Homework do before Den Meeting:
  • Read Naturalist section in Webelos handbook

Den Outing Agenda:
TimeActivity, Game, Presentation, Skill, ...
4:00Meet at Lowry Nature Center parking lot
4:10Hike the trails. Find 6 animals. Make food chains. Introduce poisonous plants and reptiles.
5:15Cook hotdogs for supper. Discuss bird flyways.
6:00Clean-up and go home.

Which activities need to be scheduled? Schedule nature center visit.
Buy food and necessities for cook-out.
Print discussion questions page with flyways map, poisonous plants, and venomous reptiles.
Print worksheets.
Print foodchain templates.
Naturalist Discussion Questions
Naturalist Worksheets
Naturalist Bingo
Foodchain Cards
Foodchain Picture
Desert Foodchain Picture
Webelos Badge Activity Ideas List - tons to choose from here!

 Oct 02, 2012 - Judith Soyster
We have posted your Website on our Council District Website.  I am the CSRT Commissioner.  We put a monthly RT
on and I use any resources I can find to promote the Cub Scout program.  The information you present is excellant.
Thank you for getting this out to us.  It makes everything easier to present.  One problem with printing the information is when asked to print all I got two full pages of green.  This eats up the ink and left me not liking printing your information.  The pages printed were squeed.  Clearly defined page breaks would solve these problems.  Thanks for providing great info. I'll have to play around and get the crossword puzzle to print on same page(example)

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