Super Achiever Survey

Many Packs recognize Webelos that complete all adventures with a Super Achiever patch.
Wolfs and Bears were recognized with arrow points, but those no longer exist.
Now that each rank from Lion to Webelos has a separate set of adventures to complete, a Super Achiever recognition at each rank is possible.
Would your Pack probably recognize scouts at each rank that complete all the possible adventures in the program year?
Yes     No
If Yes, would you prefer a patch for each year, or one patch on which a device for each year could be pinned?
Patch for each year, like:

One patch with devices, like:

We'd come up with some other recognition in our Pack.

Things to Consider:
  • Multiple patches would need more space on a vest or blanket
  • One patch would show a scout's super achiever history all in one spot
  • Metal pins can fall off the patch
  • Losing one patch with 5 metal pins would be worse than just losing a patch
  • Scouts would need to hang onto one patch for 5 years
  • Metal pins are more expensive on than these patches