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Selling Wreaths for Fun and Profit
The box elder bugs are out in force all over the south sides of everyone's houses in the neighborhood. The sun is warm, the air is cool, and the leafs are just thinking about changing color. Must be time to sell popcorn and wreaths again!

I've never really enjoyed fundraising. Some people get into it, but I'd just as soon eat glass. I have finally come to understand, though, that going to each neighbor's door and asking if they'd like to purchase a Christmas wreath is an annual ritual. It is expected and even looked forward to by a substantial number of folks.

I tagged along with my youngest son this morning on his first day of selling. He did a great job after practicing on our wonderful next door neighbor. It's a chance for me to say 'HI' to people I only see a couple times each year (isn't that sad.) and check out their yards, trees, and shrubs.

It's also quite fun to hear people say 'Oh my, it's that time of year already!' or 'Wreaths already? Where did the summer go?'

Our boys have a goal to pay for half of their scouting costs. That takes quite an effort on their part, especially now that the older one can do Philmont and SeaBase. They've learned that they are providing a good product that some people really want and they are making money selling it. They've also learned about competition in the marketplace as they go to homes that have promised their business to another scout. The one thing I still want to check that they understand is that these people are being very generous and supporting their scouting experience so they need to be sincerely thanked.

And, hey, if you really need some popcorn, please just send me an email. One of my boys can sell it to you over the Internet and have it delivered to your home - free delivery! :-)

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