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Team Activities
Teamwork Activities When the dreary drudgery of indoor scout meetings during the long winter months start getting to your scouts, remember that poor weather means a perfect opportunity to develop teamwork. Sure, it's discussed at Troop Leader Training and the Patrol Leader Council agrees that it's important, but how about incorporating some team development activities into those gatherings when it's too dark, too cold, and too wet to enjoy being outside?

They don't have to be complicated to be fun. Here's a few that the SPL might want to give a shot:

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Posted: 13:50 11-22-2011 709
shhhh deer I was planning on hiking 6 miles this morning, but when I hit 3 miles it just seemed like I needed to go further. I'm glad I did.

Click the image to see a short video of the three deer I saw, plus one. They were beautiful. And, they were at about 7 miles of my 11-mile hike.

This week I've been trying to identify at least 10 animals on each hike. Today, I got eight - deer, crow, goose, duck, red squirrel, grey squirrel, cardinal, robin. We've had exceptionally nice weather since summer, but that's due to end tomorrow with rain/snow right around 35 all day. But then we're right back to sun for another week.

So, it's not too late to invite some folks out on a hike and stretch your legs.

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Posted: 15:48 11-18-2011 708
OA in Space
OA in Space I think this one image is probably the best promotion of Order of the Arrow and Boy Scouts to come around in a loooong time. Click the image to see it full size or View Gallery on facebook.

Mike Fossum ( Meechgalane Sakima ) took his Vigil OA sash into space this summer aboard the space station! What a great symbol of a scout accomplishing great things by setting goals and perservering.
Maybe you can use this image in a scoutmaster minute for your troop, or to help explain what the Order of the Arrow is about.

Read Mike's story in the OA Natl Bulletin.

By the way, in the full size picture, you can see a signature on the sash - it's E. Urner Goodman's, a founder of the OA. Pretty cool.

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Posted: 20:08 11-17-2011 707
Rodent Rescue
boy scout service project I personally appreciate this service project by scouts of Troop 747 out of Tucson, Arizona. The project involved making and installing wildlife escape ramps in livestock water troughs. This lets rodents climb out rather than drowning and rotting in the water.
This is obviously better for livestock using the trough, but hikers that refill their water bottles benefit as well. There's a good chance I might need to use one of these water troughs while I'm hiking the Arizona Trail next spring, so "Thanks, Scouts!"

See this page.

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Posted: 12:25 11-16-2011 706
Camping Gear Winner
Back at the beginning of October, I posted about a contest being sponsored by the BSA to promote the Be A Scout website where interested parents can find a local pack, troop, or crew. The 1 minute opening video on the site is waaay cool with lots of action and some neat stop-motion scenes - you should check it. There's short videos in each of the sections as well.

I've been told that Kevin S. has been chosen as a winner for his tweet about the post. I'd like to thank the many visitors that commented on the post and tweeted about it, and congratulate Kevin.

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Posted: 12:58 11-14-2011 705
Training Weekend
Boy Scout Wilderness First Aid Training Spent yesterday and today presenting Red Cross CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid training to scouters getting ready for Northern Tier, Sea Base, Philmont, and troop-planned treks over the coming year. One participant was a Cubmaster preparing for pack camping which I thought was pretty cool. It was a good group of folks, but a long weekend.

I enjoy hearing what plans various troops have for their outings. It's always exciting to talk with folks looking forward to their first high adventure trip and help them prepare. November is the month to enter the Philmont lottery for 2013, so I hope your troop is taking care of that now - and don't wait until May to think about required training.

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Posted: 22:14 11-13-2011 704
11:11:11 11-11-11
cool date

Where were you at 11 minutes and 11 seconds after 11:00am on November 11, 2011?
My son (who had the day off from school) was playing xBox and I was right here preparing for Wilderness First Aid training tomorrow.
Fortunately, he hollered at me in time so I could open the PC time and save the historic occasion to share with the world.

So, did you miss it or not? Those of you west of Central Time still have an opportunity to enjoy the excitement!

12:12:12 12-12-12 will be here in a year, so get ready! It will be the last such date for quite awhile, and maybe forever if you consider Dec. 21, 2012. :-)

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Posted: 11:46 11-11-2011 702
Eagle Project Done?
I think my son finished his eagle service project yesterday, but I'm not sure. He's out helping another eagle candidate this morning, so I'll have to ask him when he gets home.

All I know is he put a bunch of tools in the Honda Odyssey (official vehicle of scout troops) yesterday and was gone for a couple hours. He was supposed to finish it last weekend, but he said a delivery of rock did not show up so he had to set up this extra day to finish.

I'm happy to report that my part in this project was to hike to his project site one day to delivery the camera to him. He also let me hold a pipe straight while cement was poured around it.

Other than that, I was out of the picture. I didn't see, review, or edit his project plan. I gave no advice, suggestions, or recommendations on how he might do it better, or how I would have done it. I didn't meet the person he's doing the project for. I don't know how much it cost, or how many hours it took.

Can you tell I'm proud of myself? :-)

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Troop Kit - let Scouts lead
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Posted: 10:21 11-05-2011 701
Be One With the Wild
boy scout recruiting Well, here's a wild one for you. Click the image for a much larger version.

I read a rumor this morning that these photos are part of a new Boy Scouts campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather, called "Be One with the Wild".
What the heck, I'll help spread the rumor.

There's a Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Boy Scout. Their uniforms all look good except all the collar bling on the Boy Scout and his nametag of R. Manderfield which I've not seen on a uniform before.

I noticed the council patches on the uniforms are from the Atlanta Area council, so I went and searched around. There's this page on their council website that has more info about their recruiting campaign.

So, it's a council campaign that was used this fall - rumor solved, I guess. And, it looks like that council has some fun folks involved, if just a little on the interesting side.

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Posted: 11:47 11-04-2011 699
Crisp Hiking
fall hiking Yesterday's 8-mile hike was mostly just covering miles. It was dreary, even a few drizzles of rain. Not much to see.

But, when I stepped outside today I was greeted by Orion, Cassiopeia, the Pleiades, Ursa Major, and Polaris. A perfectly bright, crystal clear night sky making it easy for a quick review of the constellations and direction finding, even though it was just a bit before 7:00am. That will all change this weekend when the clocks get kicked back an hour - Don't Forget!!!

I was also greeted with frost since it was 30°F and it didn't take long for my knees and rear to get cold. Just overnight the small pond along the trail froze completely across. It will melt today, but it's certainly a sign of what's coming.

Tomorrow, I'll have to switch to warmer pants from my zip-off nylons. If you are interested in forecast and historic weather info for your location, I've found that is a good site. If you use a different site, let me know.

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Posted: 9:57 11-03-2011 698
Two Winners
boy scout gift card Ah, you all know that you're winners in my book, but Lucie and Michelle are special winners today.

Michelle was selected this morning to receive the $50 coupon and Lucie got the $25 gift card. Congratulations, ladies!

I appreciate the rest of the 1500 entries this month and in just 30 days you have another chance to win. So, visit the contest page and enter.

Chris sent me an email last month letting me know the August gift card was spent on some advancement items for a Bear den in Pack 582. I'm glad BoyScoutTrail could help out.

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Posted: 12:45 11-01-2011 696
Happy Halloween

Watch out for goblins, gremlins, and ghosts on your way home from work tonight.

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Posted: 12:40 10-31-2011 695
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