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Lost Phone
We made it to Whitewater Recreational Area yesterday and finally met up with Peter and his wonderful family in Janesville (they are in Scouting). The whole story is much longer, but I misplaced my cellphone in Paul's Porsche and I'm hoping he finds it and calls my hiking buddy's phone.
We met Paul on the trail and hiked with him about an hour into Whitewater rec area and he then offered to drive me to pick up our vehicle so I could move it forward on the trail. When he dropped me off and left, I realized I did not have my phone. The phone is how I take pics and make blog entries from the trail. I expect it's on the floor of his car. By the way, it was a most excellent ride!

Right now, I'm in the Milton, WI library which is right on the trail but will not be making any blog entries for the next few days until Paul notices the phone or checks in here and sees this post. :-)

Other than that big mistake, the hike is going well. My right leg still hurts but an Ace bandage I bought at 5:30am this morning has helped a lot today.

If anyone is planning to thru-hike the Ice Age Trail, DO NOT do the Storrs Lake segment. The trail is under at least a foot of water for a few hundred yards - and they've not had much rain here. It was a fun adventure, but I'd skip it next time. Fortunately, we found a manufacturing plant just after the segment in Milton that had an outdoor faucet in the shade.

I'll write when I can. You can still follow our progress via my Spot at this page.

Hike On
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Posted: 14:40 08-16-2013 1002
Lapham Peak

We're on top of the tower at Lapham Peak - don't know who decides when a hill becomes a peak, but it's an amazing view for 50 miles in all directions! You'll need to tilt your screen to see the tower :-)
We can see Holy Hill far in the distance to the north which was our starting point yesterday. Now, we had southwest through the Kettle Moraine.
Check out my current location on the map.

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Posted: 7:47 08-14-2013 998
Eagle Projects

Along the trail, there have been quite a few Eagle Projects done to improve this great resource for people exploring the natural world of Wisconsin.
Here is an example of a bench. We noticed 3 benchs in this project but there were probably more. These benchs provide welcome rest for hikers and they appear to get lots of use - not by us of course, as we walk on by all day. :-)

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Posted: 11:50 08-13-2013 995
Day 8 - Kettle Moraine

I traveled about 28 miles today.
We made it to the hwy H trailhead to end the day. Bug suits were used the entire day and we got a few jealous looks from folks passing us on the trail.
At a water stop at a campground, we met Gary and his family and friends. I noticed his Philmont scout ranch t-shirt right away and we were welcomed to sit for awhile. Gary had just returned with his Hartford troop from a great trek in New Mexico.
After a cold coke, we continued the last 9 miles through the forest on a very nice trail with lots of small ups and downs.

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Posted: 17:25 08-10-2013 990
Early Morning Walk

We got an early start with a ride from a very helpful scout back to the trail at 6am. We've hiked 7.5 miles - all on roads - and are now resting on the front porch of the old hotel at the Rhine Center intersection. Check out my current location on the map.
Today will be short with my mom shuttling us back to Potowatomi to get my vehicle and make plans for the next week or so while staying at my folks'.
Yet another beautiful day walking through the farmland of Wisconsin. A 3mile trail section is ahead and then the long Kettle Moraine forest trails.

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Posted: 7:38 08-08-2013 986
Trail Journal

I traveled about 28 miles today.
Camp Rokilio Rox! We hiked here from Manitowoc today on almost all roadwalking. The hike wasn't too exciting but the destination is great! We arrived just at dinner and the staff was very welcoming. They are just starting their last session of Cub World for all cub scouts so the staff should be pretty tired - but you couldn't tell.
We've been given a cabin in which to stay and a scout staffer is driving us back to the trail early tomorrow. Oh, dinner was great too!
After dinner, I was asked to talk to the cubs and I just let them ask me questions for about 5 minutes. It was fun and there were still more hands up when we finished.

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Posted: 18:40 08-07-2013 985
Mosquitos, finally

This morning, we've walked about 17 miles from Mishicot to Two Rivers via the Point Beach state forest. We found where all the mosquitos have been hiding!!! Our bug suits worked wonderfully and were a real fashion statement.
We have about 11 more miles today - it's a long one!
Check out my current location on the map.

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Posted: 13:06 08-06-2013 984
Ice Age Trail Hike

We've had 3 great days of hiking and met some winderful people along the trail. We camped in one guy's backyard forest, in an old camper a restaurant, and in a family's basement. Today, we're heading to Manitowoc where we hope to camp at a scouting family's property.
The trail has been nice - if you don't mind some traffic on rural roads. I figurd we've gone about 75 miles.

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Posted: 7:03 08-06-2013 982
Hike Prep
ice age trail permethrin treatment
Tomorrow starts the big adventure for my summer. I leave to start hiking the 1,100 mile Ice Age Trail across Wisconsin with my friend Papa Bear from Seattle. He arrived safely by train and we've walked a few miles here while doing last minute shopping and preparation. I'll be back in about 7 weeks, but there will be blog posts from the trail.

You can follow our progress at with a tracking map and daily blog entries. Here on Boy Scout Trail, I'll let you know when I meet scouts on the trail or other (hopefully interesting) things happen. For example, I'll probably be staying a night at two or three different scout camps along the way. I also hope to meet a few troops in towns along the trail.

To prepare for the insects in the great north woods, I sprayed my BSA zip-off pants and my shirt with Sawyer's Permethrin product today. I'll let you know how that works. I expect no problem from bugs because I also have a bug mesh jacket with hood and pants sold by Coghlan's. I also sewed a pair of bug mittens out of tent screen from a worn-out scout tent.

Once we get a cold spell, hopefully in early September, the bugs will not be such a bother. But, these first few weeks will make the prevention measures worthwhile.

Scout On
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Posted: 23:22 08-01-2013 975
First Campout

We're on Troop 911's first campout. Just testing my remote blogging while dodging mosquitos and raindrops.

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Posted: 14:33 07-27-2013 969
Camp Stoves
fire practice
The founding scouts of Troop 911 learned about camp stove safety and operation at their troop meeting this week. There were demonstrations of gas stoves like the one in the picture, smaller backpacking stoves with the same mechanics, canister stoves, and alcohol 'popcan' stoves.

We discussed the BSA policies on liquid fuels, when each type of stove might be most useful, and let the scouts reach their decision on which they would prefer to use for their weekend campout coming up in two days. The concensus was that the stove pictured made the most sense since they could have two burners, control the heat, and refill fuel if needed.

One of the key safety items was to be sure and light the match (or lighter) before turning on the gas. I don't think they'll forget that one.

I also mentioned the Bar-X brand that many backpackers often get. They grab the top of their backpacking stove to put it away, thinking it is cold and burn their hand. So, we discussed and demonstrated how to check if a stove is cool enough to pick up.

They also got practice in refilling a fuel tank - away from any heat!

It takes two of them to light the stove right now, but in the spring they'll be showing the new scouts how to do it alone.

Scout On
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Posted: 8:27 07-25-2013 966
Merit Badge Thoughts
Clarke Green

I expect if you are viewing this blog of mine you're involved in the Scouting world online and are already aware of Scoutmaster Clarke Green's blog. (That's him in the pic)
He posts much more than I do - both quantitatively and qualitatively. That just means he posts good stuff often. :-) You really should bookmark his site!

I have to share a link to his most recent post in case one of the three folks that read my blog don't know of him yet. His thoughts on ways to improve the merit badge system, especially the Eagle-required badges, is nearly identical to what I'd like to see done. Please give him a read at this page and let me know what you think.

Giving scouts more opportunity to choose their own merit badges from categories of badges, rather than a long list of required badges, makes sense to me. It gives them ownership, flexibility, alignment to interests, and self-direction. It helps them define their path to Eagle and reduces competition between scouts to complete badges, focusing the scout on completing his own path.

Scout On
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Posted: 13:49 07-22-2013 965
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