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This Story has scary parts and is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
I earned my driver license when I was 14. In Idaho, kids could have a daytime license until they turned 16. This was so farm kids could drive on the farm, but anyone could go through Drivers Ed. and get a license.
So, I drove during the day until my 16th birthday when I got my nighttime license. I took my girlfriend, Marsha, out for a drive to celebrate. We drove about 40 miles to the next town, enjoying the wind and music and seeing no other cars or people. We turned around to head home and had gone about 5 miles when I saw a girl walking towards us along the side of the road. I thought it was strange that I had not seen her on the way out.
Normally, its not a good idea to pick up strangers but it was dark and she was all alone on this stretch of road with at least another 5 miles to town. Marsha said we should give the poor girl a lift so I pulled over, asked if she'd like a ride, and she hopped in the back seat. She was dressed nicely, in a sweater and skirt, but it looked like she was going to a '50s sock-hop. She was also carrying some basket.
She said she was on her way into town to dance at Midge's but she first needed to stop at her aunt's house to deliver her dinner since her aunt was sick. I'd heard that Midge's is an old bar that has dancing on weekends, but its a pretty sleezy, run-down place.
She told me her aunt's address and we turned around and set off back to the town. Marsha chatted with her a couple minutes and then we just listened to the music.
Then, I asked her what she had made for supper, but she didn't answer. I looked in the mirror, but didn't see anyone in the back seat. Marsha turned around and looked, and the girl had disappeared!
Obviously, this really freaked us both out. We didn't know what to do. I turned around and drove a couple miles back down the road looking to see if she had somehow jumped out the door or something weird. Nothing!
Marsha said maybe we should go to the address she had given us and check it out. Sounded good to me so we went there.
When I knocked on the door, a very old lady opened the door. I explained that we had picked up a girl planning to bring her here, but she vanished. The old lady smiled and asked us to have a seat on her front porch with her.
She then explained that she grew up on a farm outside of town but moved into the town with her husband. Then, in 1957 she had been very sick with pnemonia and her sister had cared for her. Her sister would often send her daughter (the girl we picked up) in to town with meals. Back in those days, Midge's was a hot spot with big dances every Friday night and her niece loved to dance.
One night, while driving in to town, the girl's car was hit by a drunk driver and she was killed instantly. Since then, many people have seen her walking the road into town, still trying to deliver that last meal so she can get to the dance. Anyone that has picked her up has had the same story to tell.

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