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Three astronauts discussing their upcoming space missions.

Scout 1: I just got my mission orders. Iím going to Mars.
Scout 2: I got my mission, too. Iím going to Neptune.
Scout 3: Iím going to the Sun.
Scouts 1 and 2: That's ridiculous. No way. It's too hot. You'll burn up.
Scout 3: I'm not stupid - I'm going at night!
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 May 04, 2014 - Michaella
I rewrote this skit:
Characters: Instructor, Astronaut Students #1, #2, #3, and #4
Instructor: Alright, Class, today we are going to take suggestions for missions to space.
Astronaut Student #1: OOHHH I want to go to Neptune! †I love cold weather!
Astronaut Student #2: How about, Saturn? †I always wanted to see the ring on it!
Astronaut Student #3: Letís go to Jupiter! Itís the largest planet!!
Astronaut Student #4: Oh come on guys! †Letís go to the sun, itís obviously the best option.
ALL (except #4): NO! †Donít do that! Oh no! Thatís ridiculous!
Astronaut Student #4: Whatís the problem?
Instructor: Itís too hot at the sun, youíd burn up.
Astronaut #4: Duh, Iíd go at night!

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