Short Runway Skit for All scouts

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as many scouts as you want in your airplane.
Scouts line up in double column as if in a small airplane with pilot and copilot in front.

pilot: (flying along, squinting out the window) Man, I hate these night flights. Since this cheap airline made those cutbacks, half our instruments don't work. Can you see the airport yet?
copilot: Nope, but I'm looking.
pilot: (after a short pause) We're getting low on fuel. We better find that runway soon! Sure wish this cheap airline would spring for a radio.
copilot: (pointing to the right and down) I think I see it - Over to the right!
(pilot steers to the right, everyone leans)
pilot: I can't see it. Sure wish this cheap airline would install brighter lights!
pilot: Aha! There it is. I can see a couple lights. Here we go!
(start a dive, other scouts lean forward and give sound effects)
copilot: I think we're coming in too fast!
pilot: Give me 20 degree flaps and we'll slow this bird down.
copilot: 20 degree flaps, sir! (moves brake lever and sound effects)
pilot: More flaps and cut back the engines!
copilot: 40 degree flaps! (move brakes and throttle)
pilot: It's gonna be tight! Full flaps and cut the engines!
copilot: Full flaps, sir!
pilot: Hang on! (everyone lurches as they hit the runway and bounce to a quick stop)
pilot: Whew, we made it! Man! That was a SHORT runway!
copilot: (looking to left and then right) Yep, and WIDE too!
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