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Outrun the Bear   Outrun the Bear Skit   Scout Skit

2 scouts wearing boots.
pair of tennis shoes.
Scout #2 should have his boots very loosely laced so they can come off quickly.
(scouts sitting center stage as if they are keeping warm around a campfire)

Scout #1: Nice fire.
Scout #2: Yep, nice night too.
Scout #1: What was that? Did you hear something?
Scout #2: Yep, sounded like a bear to me. Off over that way. (points offstage. Then, starts untieing his boots.)
(pause until his boots are about off.)
Scout #1: Hey! There it is again. Sounds closer.
(from here on, #1 sould occasionally glance over his shoulder toward the bear and looking scared.)
Scout #2: Yep, sure does. (has boots off and starts slipping on tennis shoes.)
Scout #1: What are you doing?
Scout #2: I'm just putting on my tennis shoes.
Scout #1: Duh! WHY are you putting on your tennis shoes?
Scout #2: Because it sounds like that bear is heading right into our camp.
Scout #1: But, bears are much faster than you - those shoes won't help you outrun that bear.
Scout #2: I don't have to outrun the bear - I just have to outrun you!
(both scouts run offstage away from the bear, with #2 in the lead and #1 clomping after him and screaming.)

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