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Lone Ranger and Tonto   Lone Ranger and Tonto Skit   Scout Skit

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Lone Ranger: Whew! it sure is a hot day, Tonto! Let's get us a sasparilla to cool off.
Tonto: Good idea, Kemosabe. Since it's your birthday, I'll buy the drinks.

(while drinking, a cowboy walks up)
Cowboy: Hey, either of you riding a white horse?
Lone Ranger: Yep, that'd be my horse.
Cowboy: Welp, it's standing in the hot sun and there's no breeze at all. I'm afraid he's not lookin' too good.
Lone Ranger: Whoa, I'd better get out there and stir up some breeze, then.
Tonto: Kemosabe, it's your birthday, let me go cool off your horse.
Lone Ranger: Why, thanks, Tonto. It's great having a side-kick like you.
(Tonto walks 'outside' where the horses are and starts running around in a circle, to generate a breeze around the horse.)

(Another cowboy walks past Tonto and up to the Lone Ranger)
Cowboy #2: Hey, any of you guys riding a white horse?
Lone Ranger: That'd be me, pardner.
Cowboy #2: Well, you left your engine runnin'.

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