Contagious Pregnancy Skit for All scouts

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Contagious Pregnancy   Contagious Pregnancy Skit   Scout Skit

5 or more scouts
3 chairs
a beachball or basketball
one scout is the receptionist for a doctor sitting at a chair behind a pretend desk.
2 chairs are set up in the waiting area.
Patients check in and then wait in the chairs.
Receptionist: (picking up pretend phone.) Hello, Doctor SpongeBob's office. ... Yes, Mrs. Smith your appointment is for tomorrow at 4:00pm. Thank you. Good bye.
(in walks a patient and approaches receptionist.)
Patient #1: Hello. My stomach doesn't feel well. Can I see the doctor?
Receptionist: Certainly. It will be a couple minutes. Please have a seat.
(person sits and another patient walks in. This patient is holding his left arm in pain.)
Patient #2: Oooow. I think my arm is broken. Ooow. I've gotta see the doctor.
Receptionist: Please have a seat.
(patient sits next to other patient. After he sits down, patient #1's left arm flops limp off his lap and he lifts it back up with his right arm, in obvious pain. Patient #2 notices that his arm is miraculously feeling better so he gets up and leaves the office. Patient #1 now alternates between stomache and arm pain.)
(in walks patient #3)
Patient #3: I've got this twitch in my leg that won't go away. Can you help me?
Receptionist: Please take a seat.
(#2 sits down and the twitch migrates from his leg to #1's leg. #2 gets up and leaves joyously while #1 watches him leave. #1 is figuring out that he is getting the other patients' ailments.)

(#4 comes in.)
Patient #4: I've can't seem to keep my head up. My neck feels like rubber. Please help me.
Receptionist: Please take a seat.
(same thing happens. #1 gets the ailment. Continue this for whatever problems you come up with until the final one.)

(last patient walks into the waiting room with a ball under his shirt so he is a pregnant lady.)
Patient #1: (sees the pregnant lady. Jumps up and runs away hollering.)

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