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This Skit has gross parts.
a bandana 
a banana
The whole skit has a premise of mistaking 'banana' for 'bandana'.
magician: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Great Mystero's Amazing Magical Bonanza! For my first trick, I need a volunteer to help me make a bandana disappear. (looking around, he choose a planted 'volunteer' that has a banana inside his shirt or pocket)
The volunteer walks up onstage.
magician: Thank you for helping me. For this trick, you can not watch me so let's stand back to back.
magician: Now, you will need a bandana for this trick - do you have one or do you need to borrow one of mine?
volunteer: (reaching in his shirt and pulling out a banana and holding it high for the audience to see) No, I brought my own. I'm ready!
magician: (open bandana and wave it around) OK, first of all, open your bandana.
volunteer: (peels banana) OK, it's open.
magician: OK, now, fold it.
volunteer: (folds banana in half) OK.
magician: Now, fold it again.
volunteer: Again?
magician: Yes, again!
volunteer: (folds banana again) OK.
magician: Now, twist the banana as tightly as you can.
volunteer: (twists banana into mush squeezing out his fingers) OK.
magician: (holding his hand out to the side toward the audience) OK, now slap the bandana into my open hand and it will disappear!
volunteer: Gladly! (squashes the banana into the magician's hand and then walks offstage)

Now the magician can look disgusted at the banana or as a better ending, sticking to the saying 'The Show Must Go On', he can shove the banana mush into his mouth, show his empty hand that it is gone, and take a deep bow!

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