Cub Scout and Boy Scout Projects

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Adopt a Fire Hydrant

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Work with your local fire department to find out if they like this idea. Also find out what requirements they have for painting of hydrants.
Map out locations of all fire hydrants.
Convince local citizens to adopt a fire hydrant close to their home. They take responsibility to keep it painted, clear of debris, and clear of snow in winter. Depending on local regulations, they may customize the painting done.

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Arboretum Improvement

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Located, identified, and mapped out each tree and shrub in the arboretum and each memorial plaque. Developed a full color brochure describing the park and its contents. Crafted an outdoor oak box with lid to hold the brochures.

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Bar-b-que for Church

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Built a bar-b-que for my church out of red castaic brick. It was 5' high x 3' wide x 4' deep. The grill is 2' wide x 1' deep. I used about 450 bricks. We also poured the 10'x10' foundation. All of the bricks and cement were donated.

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Bat Houses

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Built bat houses for a local nature center. Bats are good for the environment. For information on how to construct bat houses, contact Bat Conservation Int'l at

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Bicycle Projects

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Built bike racks for neighborhood park.

Three part program included: 1)speakers to promote wearing bike helmets, 2)art contest with safety as the theme, and 3)A bicycle rodeo, with a bicycle safety check & a series of courses to let participants test their biking skills.

Bike Safety Rodeo to show younger kids how to care for and ride their bikes safely. Organized safety videos, a local bike shop to do minor repairs, and an obstacle course to demonstrate proper riding techniques.

Organized a bike registration for local neighborhoods and the police department. Also performed safety inspections on the bikes we registered.

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Bird Houses

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Built 50 bird houses that accommodated several different species, posted them in a regional park, and donated some to neighbors along the park. The bird houses were made out of scrap wood donated by a lumber company.

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Bird Watching Blind

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Built a bird watching blind at the local Audubon Center. The stand is about two feet off the ground and has a solid front made from rough sawn lumber. The Blind is used to sit in and view the wildlife without disturbing them.

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Blood Drive

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Organize and staff a blood drive in your church or other organization.

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Book Drive

Intended for:All Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Organize and run a Book Drive to create a library in a non-profit center such as home for battered women, orphanage, hospital, ...
Pass out flyers announcing upcoming book collection. Prepare the location where the library will reside. Go to the homes and collect books. Catalog the books into the library.

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Brochure Stand

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Built a brochure holder for the local Red Cross. It allowed the Red Cross to put their pamphlets in something other than scattered on a table. The stand had a storage area underneath that let them store extras.

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Build Homes with Habitat for Humanity

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:In conjunction with Habitat for Humanity, coordinated volunteers to construct the framing of one house. It consisted of the interior framing, roof trusses, roof sheathing, and facia boards.

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Bus Stop Shelters

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:If your city has a mass transit bus system, check with the city works department to see if they need any bus shelters fixed or installed. If there are no shelters yet, you may convince them that they would be beneficial to citizens. Plan and organize the work.

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Charge Smoke Detectors

Intended for:Boy Scouts
Required:lots of 9-volt batteries
Instructions:This is an easy community service project that can help get your troop more well-known in your town. You should check with your local fire/police department to see if you can cooperate with them.

Acquire a supply of 9-volt batteries, either purchased or donated from a local hardware store.

Send scouts into local neighborhoods, working in teams of 3, offering to check smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed.

Having a flyer to hand out to residents about the need to periodically check detectors is a good idea, even better if it is on fire department letterhead.

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Church Grounds Renovation

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Beautify the grounds of a church.
For example, a scout organized the building and installation of 3 benches, a boulder retaining wall, church sign, and greenery.

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Gym Wall Graphics

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Walls of a gym are great locations for murals. 
Help your school or church by designing and painting graphics to encourage exercise and activity. 

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Pull Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

Intended for:All Scouts
Instructions:Collect aluminum pull tabs from cans and donate them to the Ronald McDonald House in your area. Most RMHs have a collection program in place.

This is a simple, ongoing project that provides a great Good Turn opportunity.

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Recent Eagle Scouts
A Favorite Project

Intended for:Eagle Scouts

Take a look at Recent Eagle Scout Projects. These are some real projects completed by scouts. The list is updated every day from Google.

Here are some projects that have shown up in the past. Those with a * are ones that are more out of the ordinary:
  • Child ID cards in CT
  • Install fence around church in TX
  • Construct disc golf course for park in IA
  • Clean tombstones in IN
  • Repair trail bridges in SC
  • Install flagpole at church in UT
  • Emergency kits for classrooms in school in CA
  • Create disaster kits for CERT teams in IL
  • Build puppet theater for library in NH
  • WWII memorial in TN
  • Build concrete sidewalk at school in NC
  • Build bed frames for homeless shelter in OH
  • Build city Welcome sign in CA
  • Replace signs on recreational trail in CA
  • Remove invasive species in NY
  • Renovate mural on veteran memorial in CA
  • Blood drive in WI
  • * Computer inventory of cemetery data in IL
  • Restore shelter at high school in OH
  • Create volleyball court at park in OR
  • * Build outdoor classroom in WI
  • Build trail in NJ
  • Create brochure for Chisholm Trail in OK
  • Build storage shed at high school in WA
  • * Build prairie dog habitat in NM
  • Raise funds for airplane crash memorial in KY
  • Repair church in MA
  • Blood drive in NV
  • * Reintroduce pheasants in NY
  • Veterans memorial for city park in GA
  • Alcohol warning stickers at liquor stores in UT
  • Make bat houses in CO
  • Build fence in neighborhood park in TX
  • Build wheelchair ramp for high school stadium in ME
  • Rebuild damaged boardwalk in nature reserve in CA
  • Build bird houses for nature reserve in MA
  • Build a dugout canoe for museum in WA
  • Build flag retirement fire pit in MO
  • Paint handrails on handicap ramp in MA
  • Food drive at high school in MO
  • Locate and catalog veterans in cemetary in MO
  • Landscaping elementary school in MA
  • Plant trees in NJ
  • Build playground for church in AZ
  • Restore Learning Garden for school in NY
  • Label trees along trail in MI
  • New trail construction in WV
  • Trail reconstruction in NH
  • Boardwalk and plantbeds at swimming pool in OH
  • Construct playhouse for elementary school in IA
  • Benches, planters, and brick walkway at Jewish Heritage museum in NJ
  • Information kiosks for park in PA
  • Trail signs for park in FL
  • Repair ivy garden in FL
  • Paint a bridge in VA
  • Flash flood signs along roads in NY
  • Sign for disc golf course in CA
  • Veterans' memorial in ME
  • Build six picnic tables for park in MI
  • Landscaping for church in PA
  • Collect items for overseas troops in IL
  • Construct rolling storage cabinet for YMCA in IL
  • Install bike racks at school in CA
  • Construct stations of the cross for church in CA
  • Install bat houses in MA
  • Book drive for needy children in WV
  • Veterans' memorial in park in PA
  • Install prayer garden at church in IL
  • Replace wood stairs at elementary school in MA
  • Build owl boxes in CA
  • Trail building in OR
  • Street drain warning stencils in IL
  • Brick patio for library in CA
  • Ham radio for high school in CA
  • Blood drive in WV
  • Collect books for county jail in MI
  • Refurbish Kids First building in WV
  • Information kiosk for city in MN
  • Trail signs for park in CA
  • Raise $800 for toys for hospital in NE
  • Build playset for church in MD
  • Church sign in VA
  • * Refurbish computers for needy families in IL
  • Build garden area at high school in PA
  • Build shelter on trail in NY
  • Rejuvenate fishing ponds in KS
  • Repair shed for Soccer club in TX
  • Church landscaping in MI
  • Water feature for church in TX
  • Bird viewing hut for nature center in IA
  • Children's sand and water table for church school in MO
  • Walk the Dog fundraiser for Salina Animal Shelter in KS
  • Raise funds for church bell tower in WI
  • Two benches and a garbage container for Our Lady of Victory School playground in MN
  • Water garden for city park in MO
  • Two decks and stairs for Bowie Nature Park in TN
  • Paint mural at high school in MI
  • Renovate pavilion for YMCA in NJ
  • Donate 9000 diapers to food bank in CA
  • Life skills fair for school for blind in PA
  • Footbridge for Palouse Ranger District in ID
  • Collect luggage for foster children in OK
  • Repaint iron fence for church in CT
  • Build walking bridge for school in CT
  • Replace directional signs at energy complex in MI
  • Picnic tables in park in PA
  • Wind ensemble performances for senior citizens in ME
  • Distribute organ donor awareness pamphlets in CA
  • Handicapped access ramp for gazebo in park in PA
  • Build fence at cemetary in TX
  • Relaxation cart for hospital staff in CO
  • Video game tournament fundraiser in ID
  • Landscaping for Big Brothers facility in MA
  • Retiring flags from cemetary in GA
  • Church landscaping in CA
  • Collect books for children's library in MI
  • Benches for nature center in CA
  • Feral cat shelters in CA
  • Prayer garden at church in CA
  • Roadside chapel restoration in WA
  • Fish habitat from Christmas trees in TN
  • Build bridge for park in AR
  • Nature trail renovation in NH
  • Emergency sled for fire department in NY
  • Horseshoe pits in CA
  • * Construct coffins for veterans in SD

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Recreation Projects

Intended for:Eagle Scouts
Notes:These are recreational themed projects and many have been used for Eagle projects.
Instructions:Build regulation archery range on a church's property.

Build competition horseshoe pits.

Build an 8x12 deck with six 8 foot benches behind a canoe house to be for canoe instruction.

Build a sand volleyball court for an afterschool program and for summer camp.

Build 8 back & foot rest soccer benches, silk screen donors names and logos on them.

At a local preschool, mulch their playground, fill their sandbox with sand, make a sandbox cover, and create a gear storage room.

Build new stands at a Little League field.

Build quarter pipes for a church's skatepark.

Refinish baseball field bleachers and paint the dugouts.

Refinish picnic tables at elementary school.

Build towers at a shooting range at a public park.

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School Projects

Intended for:All Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Notes:These service project ideas help out local schools.
Instructions:Computerization of schools library system. Replace paper book cards with computer scanning system.

Build wooden bookshelves for local school.

If local elementary school has a garden / life lab program, build garden boxes, make a rabbit-proof fence, build a pathway.

Paint a map of United States on an elementary school playground to teach geography using games.

Clear the land and mulch the area next to an elementary school. Build wooden picnic tables.

Improve school facilities by rebuilding old walls, reroofing, or other construction.

Create a long, paint on blacktop, walking path around school playground.

Purchase and install a school mascot sign that includes a message board for school information.

Design, create, and install a School Flag for a school district, along with flag poles and flag stands.

Restore a Brass School Bell and it's yoke. Build a 3'x3' brick base to mount the bell and yoke.

Refinish school picnic tables.

Build a sandbox for schoolyard.

Build playground equipment for school.

Plant pine trees on school property.

Plant flowers and landscape to beautify the appearance of local elementary school.

Form a chapter of middle school S.A.D.D.

Remove graffiti at schools and other public places.

Form a youth court at your school or church to help resolve problems between kids.

Create a mentoring program for your Scouts to help younger kids in elementary school.

Create a fingerprint program with the local police and perform it at elementary school.

Have elementary teachers fill out a 'Wish List' for books and supplies. Then, raise funds to purchase items or ask community members to contribute.

Volunteer to help Police or Fire departments with McGruff, DARE, or similar programs.

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Trail Construction

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Instructions:Build a new trail, an addition to an existing hiking trail, or restoration of current trail.

Add nature trail components to an existing trail.

Build benches along a hiking trail.

Make markers for trails.

Do closing of old trails, or unapproved trails.

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US Flag Retirement Ceremony

Intended for:Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts
Notes:See Flag Retirement Ceremony for a sample retirement script.
Instructions:Contact all local organizations, such as Elks, Lions, Police, Fire, ... that may have US Flags wearing out. Arrange, plan, and publicize a public ceremony to retire all the old flags using an appropriate ceremony script and fire.
Invite the public to the ceremony and make it a community event.

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Webelos Legacy

Intended for:Webelos Scouts
Instructions:Webelos Scouts show their appreciation for the fun, adventure, and learning of Cub Scouting. They have created a tradition within the pack for the outgoing group of Webelos to leave a legacy to the Pack.

The legacy is a gift or service that benefits the Pack as a whole.

One year, the Webelos raised funds and purchased a dutch oven for the Pack. They raised the money by holding a bake sale in conjunction with the Pack's Pinewood Derby.

At the Pack's Blue Gold dinner, a Webelos scout representing the den presents the legacy and challenges the next year's den to leave their mark in their last year of Cub Scouts.

The scouts gain experience in planning and carrying out a project as will soon be required for Boy Scout advancement. The Pack benefits by receiving the gift or service provided by the scouts without expenditures from limited financial and manpower budgets.

Contributed by Robin Rau
Pack 116
Connecticut Rivers Council
Beacon Falls, CT

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Wood Duck Houses

Intended for:All Scouts
Required:wood, screws, wire mesh, drill with bit and screwdriver bit, wood shavings/chips
Preparation:We worked in conjunction with the IA DNR and Ducks Unlimted for this event. It involved Wolf and Bear aged Cub Scouts. The DU provided the supplies (wood, screws, etc) and the lunch for the boys. The wood was pre-cut by DU members for the boys before they arrived.
Instructions:The project was coordinated with the IA DNR and DU.
We started the day by having a DNR agent discuss habitat, food chain, life cycle, restoration, etc of the wood duck and Cananda Geese. After learning about the life of a wood duck, the boys worked with an adult partner to build the duck houses.
When the houses were assembled and painted, we took a lunch break.
After lunch we drove to a nearby wildlife area. The boys helped the DNR agent raise two of the duck houses.
This a great opportunity for the boys to do some good for the environment and to get to know the local DNR agent(s). Build a relationship with the agents.
One wood duck house was autographed by the boys and will be auctioned off at the DU banquet.

With some help from DU, this was a great project.

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