Hawk and Waterfall Minute for Boy Scouts, Webelos scouts

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Hawk and Waterfall   Hawk and Waterfall Minute   Scout Minute

This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts, Webelos scouts.
Being lazy and waiting until the last minute to do something will often result in poor results.
A hawk was floating on the air currents high above the earth, searching for food. This hawk was a fairly lazy hawk and always had his eye out for an easy meal.
With his keen eye, he saw a rabbit stranded on a large piece of ice floating with the current on a river far below. Much further downstream, he could see a huge waterfall. Silently, he swooped down pounced on the rabbit crushing it with his strong talons. It was very easy since the rabbit had no place to run.
The hawk was very proud of himself. He took his time and began eating bits of the rabbit. He would fly away with the rest of it, but he wanted to eat as much as he could so he wouldn't have to carry so much in his talons.
He glanced downstream to see how far away the waterfall was and decided that he had plenty of time to rest there on the ice eating his fill before taking off again with his food. He waited there with his talons sunk into the meat of the dead rabbit until he was very close to the waterfall's edge.
Finally, at the last second, he flapped his wings to fly away. But, he had waited so long his talons were now frozen into the rabbit and the rabbit was frozen to the ice.
He tried frantically to fly, but he could not free himself from the ice. The hawk went over the waterfall with the ice and fell to his death.

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