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This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts.
(the harder challenges go to the people that have the higher capabilities)

Ask for 6 scouts to come forward to help out.
Ask them to build a pyramid on their hands and knees.
We would expect that they will naturally have their largest, strongest guys on the bottom and their lightest one on top once the pyramid is complete.

Do you ever feel that you are doing more than your share?
Does it ever seem that you keep getting the harder jobs?
Look at this pyramid.
Who has the hardest job? (guy in middle bottom)
Why is he in that position?
Did they put the smallest guy there? (no, the strongest guy)

Everywhere you look, structures rely on key parts in order to work:

We use sand to fill cracks in a walkway.
We use gravel to build a road.
We use rocks to landscape.
But, the Big Rocks, the ones that are sturdy, strong, and solid, those are used to make castles, towers, and monuments!

When you are asked to play a key role that requires extra work, maybe even more than seems fair, itís because the person asking believes you are tough enough for the job.
Did you try it and like it?             Or hate it?
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