Being Ready, Able, and Willing Minute for Boy Scouts

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Being Ready, Able, and Willing   Being Ready, Able, and Willing Minute   Scout Minute

This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts.
Ask a senior scout if he will act out choking for your minute.
Scouts, we're going to do a one act play for my minute tonight. Go ahead, [Actor]!
([Actor] enters the room, choking, holding his throat, turning red, not breathing, stumbling to the floor.)

OK, great job, [Actor]! (clap, clap, clap)

Do you know what was happening to him?
Do you know what you should have done to help?
Do you believe you would have the courage to try to help him?

The Scout Law says a scout is Helpful and Brave. When you see someone that needs help, you help. If it is a scary situation, you are brave and still help. But, if it is a problem you do not know HOW to help, how can you?
That is why we have our motto: Be Prepared!
Prepared for what? Well, for anything that comes along.

Even though you may be WILLING to help, you must put in effort to prepare yourself for situations so you are ABLE to help. Learn your scouting skills, they are good for a lot more than scouting.
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