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Water Transport   Water Transport Game   Scout Game

For each patrol:
1 pitcher of water
1 empty bucket
50-foot string
paper cup
6x6 square board or cardboard
Poke or drill two holes in the board - at opposite corners.
Tie each end of the string through a hole.
Place cup on board.
Fill pitchers with equal amounts of water.
This works well in the parking lot where you meet.
The goal is to transport water quickly across a wasteland, without spilling.
You may need a scale to measure the water accurately.

Draw two lines, about 23 feet apart.
For each patrol, place the empty bucket and board with cup on one line and stretch the string loop out to the other line. Place the pitcher of water at the line opposite the board.

Each patrol is divided in half.
One half of each patrol goes to each line.
On "GO", the board is pulled to the pitcher, filled with water, and pulled back where it is emptied into the bucket.
Do this 3 times.

Award points for fastest finish and for least water lost. Something like 5, 3, 1 points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Keep tally of the points for 3 rounds to find the winner.

If the cup falls off, someone retrieves it and the board goes back to the line from which it just left to start again, even if it is empty.

The edge of the board must cross the line before retrieving the water or refilling the cup.

You may add rules about switching roles or other specifics.

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