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20 or more scouts.
As many dodge balls as you can get.
6 plastic bottles or bowling pins.
It really works best in a gym with walls to keep the balls in the area.
It's good to mix up teams after every round or two if you are just playing for fun.
Divide in 2 teams.
Use a basketball court or tennis court sized area.
At each end of the court, each team sets up 3 bottles as targets. Each target can have a guardian to protect the bottle, but does not need one. He must stand behind the bottle and can only reach in front of it to deflect thrown balls.
Line all balls up on the center line and all scouts on their end line.
On the whistle, scouts run to the center, grab a ball, and throw at opponents. If you are hit, you immediately drop your ball, run to the sideline and wait in line at the center line. You may NOT deflect a hit with a ball held in your hands - that counts as getting hit.
If someone on your team catches a ball thrown at him before it bounces, then the first scout waiting in line on the side gets to rejoin the game.
If a guardian is hit, he is not out of the game. He can take a hit instead of letting it hit the bottle. That is why it must be obvious who a guardian is by standing directly behind the bottle.
If a bottle is knocked down by any means (ball thrown, guardian touching it, rebounded ball from the back wall, ...) it stays down and that guardian runs to the sideline to wait in line.
The last team with a target standing wins the round.

There are many rule variations, such as:
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