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For each patrol:
This can be played by 2, 3, or 4 patrols. More than that and there is too much waiting time.

Each patrol is given a Base in a corner of the play area.
On the floor or ground, mark a 7x7 grid using chalk or the twine. Each square should be about 6 inches.
Across the top, the squares are numbered 1 to 7.
Down the side, the squares are lettered A to G.
This is their Battleship grid.
(a premade grid on a sheet of paper or cardboard would be easier and reusable)

So other patrols can not see, set up a cardtable in front of each grid, or protect it with a cardboard box, or any barrier.
Each patrol places their 10 items on their grid. These items could be related to First Aid, or Cooking, or Nature, or whatever theme you wish. For example, a bandaid, tweezer, magnifying glass, splint, alcohol wipe, q-tip, water bottle, flashlight, moleskin, and scissor.

On 'GO', each patrol goes and views every other patrol's grid, trying to memorize the placement of each item. No writing down of information is allowed.
After 3 minutes, all scouts return to their patrol's Base.

Taking turns, each patrol tries to capture another patrol's items. Do this by declaring the patrol name, the grid square letter and number, and the item at that location. If correct, the shooting scouts are given the item to keep in their Captured pile.

Continue until a patrol is eliminated by losing all its items or until every patrol misses its shot in a round. Once either of these happen, the remaining patrols are given 2 minutes to observe their opponents grids again.
Repeat this until only one patrol remains as the winner.

The scouts should develop strategies over time, such as concentrating on one opponent or having each scout memorize just a couple items.
Patrols with more members present have an advantage.
Patrols may gang up on one patrol.
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