Capture the Flag Game for All scouts

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Capture the Flag   Capture the Flag Game   Scout Game

flag for each team.
40 foot rope per team.
Set up game boundaries with a center line. A football field sized area is good.
Create 2 teams.
Each team displays its flag in plain view somewhere on its side of the play field. Each team also defines a jail area that is 10x10 feet - use a rope to define the area.

Players attempt to steal the opposing team's flag and return it to their side of the center line without being tagged.
If a scout has the flag and is tagged, the flag is dropped and remains there until another opposing player can steal it.
The scout that is tagged is taken to the jail area by his captor. During this time, the captor can not capture any other players and the captive must go directly with his captor.
Once in jail, a scout remains there until another of his team can run into the jail area without being tagged - this is a jailbreak. Decide if a jailbreak allows all captured scouts a free walk to their side or a certain number only.
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