Bogus Baseball Game for All scouts

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Bogus Baseball   Bogus Baseball Game   Scout Game

This Game should be done Outside.
volleyball or soccer ball
Play on a baseball diamond or define the fair zone for hitting the ball.
Divide scouts into two teams.
Outfield team disperses where they hope to catch or stop the ball.

The team at bat lines up about 15 feet behind home plate.
The first scout stands at home plate with the ball.
He tosses the ball up and hits it with his fist out into the field.
As soon as he hits it, he begins running around and around his lined up team, counting the trips.

In the field, whoever gets the ball first is the starting point and everyone on that team runs to him and lines up behind him.
The scout with the ball passes it between his legs to the scout behind him, who passes it on.
When the last scout in line gets the ball, he holds it up and they all yell "Yer OUT!".

The team at bat scores one point for every time the batter circled his team.
After three batters, teams switch position. Play continues for as many innings as time permits, or to a set score, or set number at bats.
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