Webelos Bridge to Boy Scouts Ceremony for Webelos scouts

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Webelos Bridge to Boy Scouts   Webelos Bridge to Boy Scouts Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Webelos scouts.
A rustic bridge
two campfires (artificial ones for indoors)
camp candle lantern to be carried by the torchbearer
Boy Scout troop neckerchief, slide, and shoulder loops
Webelos den leader (Akela), den chief as torchbearer, Scoutmaster, senior patrol leader, Boy Scouts from troop, Webelos Scout and his parents.

The bridge is at center stage.
A campfire with seating around it is built well past each end of the bridge.
The Webelos Scout and his parents join the Webelos den leader around the campfire stage left. The Boy Scout representatives are seated around the other campfire.
If this ceremony is held indoors, the lights should be turned down.

Webelos Den Leader: [Webelos name], please stand. To show that you are an experienced scout, please repeat the Cub Scout Promise.

Webelos Den Leader: Hello, Scouts of Troop [troop number].

Scoutmaster: Hello, Webelos Scouts of Pack [pack number], what do you desire?

Webelos Den Leader: We have a Webelos Scout in our Pack who has prepared himself for entrance into the council ring of your troop.

Scoutmaster: Bring him forward to the bridge that joins our two council rings so we may decide if he is worthy.
(The Webelos den leader, accompanied by the torchbearer, leads Webelos Scout followed by his parents to bridge. Scoutmaster and senior patrol leader cross over bridge and are introduced to the parents and the Webelos Scout.)

Webelos Den Leader: [Name of Webelos] has contributed much to his den and pack, and we shall miss him and his parents. His accomplishments include ... [review awards and ranks he has earned].
Will this satisfy what you look for in a new Boy Scout?

Senior Patrol Leader: Yes, he is welcome to join our troop and learn our ways.

Webelos Den Leader: (to Webelos scout) Now you are leaving us to enter the Boy Scout troop of your choice. There you will continue to grow in Scouting skills and friendships.
An important part of your Webelos Scout uniform is your neckerchief.
Now that you have outgrown our pack and Cub Scouting, I ask your parents to remove your neckerchief since it will serve you no purpose in the world on the other side of the bridge.
(The parent removes his neckerchief and keeps it)

(The Scoutmaster turns and heads back over the bridge. This is the cue for the senior patrol leader.)
Senior Patrol Leader: (to Webelos scout) Follow me, young scout.

(the Scoutmaster is waiting for them by the Boy Scout campfire)
Scoutmaster: As Scoutmaster of Troop [number], I welcome you and your parents. There are many traditions in Troop [number] that will interest you.
(The Scoutmaster may explain one or two traditions and tell of important troop activities planned for the near future.)
I am only a guide for these scouts. They are the ones that will help you experience the world of Boy Scouts. Welcome to our troop.

Senior Patrol Leader: Here is the neckerchief of our troop. It shows the world that you are one of us now.
(Put on neckerchief)
Wear it with pride as many have done before you.
(The senior patrol leader leads the troop in a cheer for the new Scout.)
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