Tiger Cub Induction Ceremony for Tiger scouts

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Tiger Cub Induction   Tiger Cub Induction Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Tiger scouts.
Arrow of Light diagram on cardboard.
A candle and matches.
Den Leader: Oh, Great Akela, hear me!

Akela: I hear you, leader of Tigers. What is it you want?

Den Leader: We have young boys who seek the fun of Cub Scouting.

Akela: Have these boys been properly prepared?

Den Leader: Yes, Akela, they have. Our new Tiger Cubs know the Tiger Cub motto. Each boy has prepared himself to move into Cub Scouting by his thoughts, deeds, and participation in the Pack.

Akela: Very well. I am Akela, the Great Chief of the Webelos tribe and the head of this council of braves. My totem is the Arrow of Light, which is the highest honor any Cub Scout may earn.
This board shows the Arrow of Light and points the way of the trail. The arch represents progress along the Cub Scout trail, preparing cubs for greater adventures in Boy Scouts. The candle which I now light represents the Spirit of Akela and the light of Cub Scouts.

We learn the ways of our tribe from the wisest of the forest animals.

From the Bobcat, we learn to be alert and watchful.

From the Wolf we learn the language of the ground, we learn to follow the tracks of other animals, and we learn the ways of the food of the forest.

From the Bear, we learn the secrets of the trees and birds, the language of the air and the sky.

The Tiger Cub is curious and adventurous, but remains within the lair with its parents for some time before venturing out to hunt its own game. His parents have the responsibility of looking after the cub, teaching it to hunt and play, and how to protect itself from the other predators of the jungle.

Akela: (to Den Leader) Which boys have joined your Tiger Cub Den?

Den Leader: Great Akela, we have _____ new Tiger Cubs, and _____ are with us here tonight. Please step forward, along with your parents, when your name is read. (Call out names)

Akela: You boys are embarking on a great new journey with your parents. Your motto tells us what you will be doing. Do you remember the Tiger Cub motto?
Repeat it with me: 'Search, Discover, Share'.

'Search' means you will search for new activities, new adventures, and new ways of being together.
'Discover' means you will enjoy the thrill of discovering new things together.
'Share' means you will share all of the things you have done together with your parents and the other members of your Tiger Cub group.
Through this process you grow together, become better friends and prepare yourselves for Cub Scouts.

Now that you have learned the Tiger Cub motto, you are prepared to wear the Tiger Cub Neckerchief and Tiger Totem. (Den Leader hands the items to parents, who put them on their boys as Akela is talking). This was developed in ancient times to symbolize your accomplishments. Each time you participate in a Tiger Cub activity, you will a new bead to your Tiger Totem.

Over time, your Totem will become full of beads and you will earn the Tiger badge.

Akela: Members of Pack [number], please stand. Join me in welcoming these Tigers and their partners to our Pack family!

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