Scout Induction Ceremony for Scout scouts

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Scout Induction   Scout Induction Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Scout scouts.
2 candles and candle holders.
Scout badges.
Troop flag.
Light one candle placed in the center of the ceremony table
Scoutmaster: This flame is the Flame of Knowledge. You new Scouts have shown me that you have a hunger for Knowledge by fulfilling the requirements of joining our great troop. The Scouting program offers you a special kind of knowledge that will serve you well as you walk the sometimes difficult Road to Manhood.

Scoutmaster: The Flame of Knowledge never goes out as long as there are people on the earth who seek knowledge. It's light guides seekers to higher understanding.

(Pick up the 2nd candle from the table and light it from the first)

Scoutmaster: This candle represents a Youth who seeks knowledge. It represents each of you scouts here today because you seek to travel on the scouting path and learn our ways.

Scoutmaster: Tending this flame is a big responsibility.
(Hand candle to the closest scout)
Pass this candle from scout to scout until you have all held it, never letting the flame go out. Just as you receive this flame from another scout, you will receive much knowledge from other scouts in your troop. Receiving the knowledge is only half of the challenge. Just as you pass the flame to another scout, you will be expected to pass the knowledge you gain on to other scouts that follow you.

As you become a more experienced scout, rising through the ranks of Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class, your flame will grow stronger, helped along by these scouts around you. When you are ready, you will become the teacher rather than the student and will help new scouts keep their flame burning.

You will only excel and grow if you take your responsibility seriously. Scouting will give you more than you can possibly imagine, but only if you fulfill your commitment to your patrol and your troop.

(When the last scout has the candle, the Scoutmaster takes it from him.)

Scoutmaster: Remember, this flame is your new search for knowledge about our scouting ways. As you are just beginning, it is not yet strong.
(Scoutmaster puffs out the candle)
See how easily the Breeze of Laziness extinguishes it? If you put off your responsibilities, or don't bring your Scout Handbook for requirements sign-offs, or let other scouts carry the load, your small flame will fail.
Luckily, the flame of Knowledge in our troop is strong, very strong. You can relight your flame at any time by participating and concentrating on the Scout Law. The more you participate and the more effort you put in, the stronger your flame becomes and more difficult to extinguish. At some point, your flame will become a burning ember deep in your heart that will be impossible to ever put out.

Scoutmaster: It is my pleasure to present each of you with your Scout badge to show that your flame is burning and you are on your way to higher ranks. Notice there is also a small pin. Present this pin to your parent now and have them attach your badge on your left shirt pocket. In our troop, it is customary to attache the badge upside down until the scout has performed a good deed. Quickly return here when you are finished.

(when all have re-assembled...)
Sr. Patrol Leader: Scouts, gather around our troop flag and take hold of the flag with your left hand. Make the Scout Sign with your right hand.

Troop [number], stand at attention!
Troop [number], Scout Sign!

New scouts, please lead the troop in the Scout Oath.

Troop, join me in congratulating these new Scouts of Troop [number]!
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