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Quick Intelligence Test   Quick Intelligence Test Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
paper and pencil for each patrol
Keep this in your pocket as a quick 5-minute activity.
Have each patrol leader write down the numbers 1 through 10 on his paper for a pop quiz.

Read each question and give patrols 20 seconds to discuss it and write down their answer. You can repeat the question if someone asks, except for #10.

Be sure to speak loudly and clearly.

1: Some months have 31 days, some months have 30 days, how many months have 28 days?

2: If you had one match, and entered a completely dark room where there was an oil lamp, an oil heater, and some kindling wood which would you light first?

3: If a doctor gave you three pills and told you to take one every half hour, how long would the pills last?

4: If a farmer had 17 sheep, and all but 9 die, how many sheep has the farmer got left?

5: A man built a house with 4 sides, it is rectangular with all sides facing south, along walks a bear, what color is it?

6: If you take two apples away from three apples, how many apples do you have?

7: According to the bible, how many of each species did Moses take onto the ark?

8: If you were to dig a hole, 1 meter long, by 1 meter wide, and one meter deep, how much soil would there be in the hole in meters cubed?

9: Yes or No - Does England have a Fourth of July?

10: Listen carefully, I will not repeat this one - A garden had exactly 50 different kinds of flowers, including 10 kinds of roses, 3 kinds of sweet peas, 2 kinds of alyssum, 5 kinds of carnations, 3 kinds of zinnias, 8 kinds of poppies, 4 kinds of snapdragons, 5 kinds of gladiolus, and 6 kinds of phlox. How many different kinds of flowers did the garden have?

1. All of them have 28 days.
2. You would light the match first.
3. 1 hour - take a pill, take another pill in 1/2 hour, take last pill in 1/2 hour.
4. 9
5. white - the house is built on the north pole
6. 2
7. Moses wasn't the ark dude - that was Noah
8. none
9. Yes, all countries have a fourth of July, and a third of July, and a fifth of July.
10. 50 - I said it right at the start even though I didn't list them all later.

If this went over well, here are some more questions:

1. Divide 30 by a half, then add 10. What is the result? (70. 30 / 1/2 = 60 + 10 = 70)
2. Which four words appear on every U.S. coin? (In God We Trust)
3. I have in my hand two U.S. coins totalling 55 cents. One of them is NOT a nickel. What are the two coins? (A half dollar and a nickel. One of them is not a nickel, but the other one IS.)
4. A woman gave a beggar 50 cents. The woman is the beggar's sister, but the beggar is not the woman's brother. How is this possible? (the beggar is a woman)
5. Why can't a man living in the U.S.A. be buried in Canada or Mexico? (because he is alive)
6. How many outs are there in an inning? (6 - 3 on each team)
7. How many 2-cent stamps are there in a dozen? (12)
8. A man tells you "Everything I say to you is a lie." - is he lying or telling the truth? (He is lying. Since he is lying when he says 'everything', he can tell the truth sometimes, but this is not one of them. Or, its obvious that he can't be telling the truth, so the only choice left is a lie)
9. If you were running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now? (2nd place)
Did you try it and like it?             Or hate it?
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