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Patrol Coup Sticks   Patrol Coup Sticks Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
18 inch leather shoelace for each patrol
colored beads
colored feathers
small silver and gold bells
This is an ongoing activity for a troop to use to build patrol spirit and help each scout participate and support his patrol. Patrols accumulate beads and attach them to their patrol flag staff.

In January of each year, which tends to be a slower time of year anyway, have a party to review patrol accomplishments, determine which patrol has the most awards, and start a new year of awarding.
Have a segregated box of colored beads with each bead having a different meaning.

Give each patrol an 18 inch leather tong to tie onto their patrol Flag.
At every troop meeting, each patrol leader reports on the activities and accomplishments of his patrol since the last troop meeting. When a patrol leader reports, he picks beads from the box or the ASPL hands them over and the patrol can attach them to their leather tong.

Beads: (for individual and patrol activities)
whiteAdvancement - a bead for each rank advancement by a member
aquaindividual national or council award (50-miler, emergency prep, LNT, ... )
redService - member joins OA, 100% participation in troop service project, holds a patrol Service Project or Good Turn (pre-approved by PLC or SM)
greenWoodcraft - instructed a skill, led a game, or other woodcraft exceptional recognition
yellowPLC meeting attendance - give beads at PLC meeting
brownPatrol activity outside of troop - hike, campout, skills training
orangePatrol has a boy guest visiting a meeting or campout
blueTroop leadership - 1 for each position of leadership completed
blacklong-term camping - 1 for each scout at Philmont, Seabase, summer camp, backpacking, ...
purpleLead new game, song, skit
silver100% Patrol attendance at a meeting
gold100% Patrol attendance at a campout

Feathers: (plan and lead troop-wide activities)
Whitenational or council award (Honor Patrol, ... )
Redorganize service project
Brownorganize weekend campout
Blackorganize long-term camp

Bells: (exceptional work)
SPL or ASPL positionattach to blue bead
Eagle rankattach to white bead
3-month Spirit Awarduse clear bead. See Patrol Spirit Competition activity.

By the time the patrol ages out, their flagpole should be covered with beads, feathers, and bells.
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