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1 stopwatch
8 rocks (or other objects about the size of a fist)
2 pair of glvoes
2 skateboards
2 blindfolds (spray painted cheap goggles work well)
2 school daypacks

In the space exploration race, both Americans and Russians have landed on Mars at the same time. Now, the race is on to be the first to bring back proof of life to Earth.

The surface of Mars is too hot during the day and too cold at night, so you must explore on a specially designed Mars Rover with insulated wheels. Your special gloves protect your hands. To protect your eyes from the intense sunlight, protective goggles are required and your team monitoring you safely from your spaceship will direct you.

You have a small oxygen tank containing only 4 minutes of air and you must return before your opponent with more artifacts than they retrieve.


Play this with one patrol against another. Run each patrol in two rounds, each time agains a different patrol with different scouts as explorers.
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