Human Rain Storm Activity for Cub Scouts

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Human Rain Storm   Human Rain Storm Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Cub Scouts.
This works great in a larger gathering.
The leader explains that a rain storm is coming but not to worry because it won't last long. If we listen, we can hear it come and go.

Direct the scouts on the right side of the room to sit facing forward, but watch the scouts immediately to their left and do exactly what they do. Don't watch the leader or other scouts. Just watch that scout and listen to the sounds.

Repeat the instructions across the room, having everyone watch the scouts immediately to their left, but keep sitting forward so the scouts on their right can see what they do.

Then, the leader should stand at the left side of the room and tell those scouts on the far left to watch him.

When the leader does an action, he should try to do it so scouts across the room can not see it.

The leader does each of the following actions, and continues doing it until it has propagated across the room:

It sounds like a rain storm sweeping in and then passing by - pretty cool!
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 Sep 04, 2014 - Alicia
We had a lot of fun with the marshmallows and I look forward to this activity as hope it can as fun and awesome...........

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