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This is just a fun tournament of the Rock-Paper-Scissors game.

All scouts start out as an Egg and try to evolve into a Butterfly by winning games.

To play, you find another player at your same level and challenge him.
If you win, you move up a level and he moves down a level. If you tie, you stay the same level and look for someone else to play against.

Over time, some scouts will evolve all the way to Butterflies. If a Butterfly beats another butterfly, the winner has completely evolved and moves to the side of the playing area. Eventually, there should be one scout left at each level and the rest are evolved. It usually works best to call 'TIME!' when about half the players are out so they don't get bored just watching. Or, you can allow butterflies to continue playing and drop back to pupa if they lose.

If eggs to butterflies is too tame, you could use any sequence of things to evolve. We once used worm, chicken, fox, Elvis, Zeus - they had nothing in common, but the actions were fun.
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 Feb 16, 2012 - Katie McBride
You can also play "Active Rock, Paper, Scissors" by finding 3 areas (concentric circles work well), everyone starts in one spot (like the largest circle), partner off and jump up and down saying, “Rock, paper, scissors, go!” on the word "go" they land in one of three positions (standing with feet together—rock; standing with feet out to each side—paper; standing with one foot in front, one in back—scissors). The winner moves on to the next spot (next smallest circle), the loser stays or moves down a level.  Game continues until referee says stop.

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