Scoutmaster Stalking Activity for Boy Scouts

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Scoutmaster Stalking   Scoutmaster Stalking Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
This Activity should be done Outside.
optional whistle
two volunteers to be deer.
one leader to explain the game.
The Scoutmaster and one other volunteer play the role of deer out in the woods. They should walk a few hundred yards away from the troop before the game begins and let the game organizer know the general location where they will be. As deer, they should casually walk around the area, stopping occasionally to survey the area around them for predators.

The scouts play the role of predators and try to stalk up to the deer without being seen.
If the deer see a stalker, they should quickly walk away from him. The stalker can then stay hidden, wait, and then continue his stalking. Or, he can stand up, wave, and come to the deer having given up the task.

If a predator gets within 10 feet of the deer without being seen, he stands up and announces himself. He scores points for his patrol. The rest of the game, he can walk with the deer, but may not point out predators or influence the game.

When there are 5 minutes left in the game, the Scoutmaster should blow twice on his whistle to indicate the game is winding down and to alert scouts to his location.

When time is up, one long blow on the whistle tells all scouts to stand up and wave. The closest ones to the deer gain points for their patrols as determined by the Scoutmaster.
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