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Hiking merit badge I love it when a scout figures out that he needs to take responsibility for completing merit badges and rank requirements. Sometimes, scouts can have a path of badges required to advance through Star, Life, and Eagle laid out for them by the troop, offering badges in a cycle. This requires very little of the scout - sign up, show up and participate, get the badge.

When a scout wants a merit badge, it is so much more fun. He sets up meetings with the counselor, plans his requirement completions, and pushes to get things done. He is stepping out to engage adults rather than being pulled along with a group.

I've got a First Class scout anxious to reach Star before the September court of honor. He has just two merit badges to finish. Since he started Hiking in the spring to prepare for his Philmont trek, he's decided to complete that one.

He's arranged two hikes and we're doing his 20-miler today. On the last hike, we finished up the first aid and 'discussion' requirements. Today, it's just hiking around with a couple buddies - and lunch at Subway!

See you in 7 hours.

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Posted: 7:01 08-18-2011 653
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 Aug 18, 2011 - David
20 miles in 7 hours?! That's quite impressive. What types of special plans or accommodations do you make when going for 20 miles that you might not encounter with 10?
Aug 18, 2011 - Scouter Paul
We just got back at 3:45 - 7 hours and 5 minutes.
This hike is around the community on trails and sidewalks, so there's nothing really extra to do. See my next post for a bit more detail.

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