Cub Scout Activities

Boy Scout Activities


Alligator Pit CrossingAnti-Gravity Tent PoleArm Wrestle Co-op
Around TownBall HordeBalloon Artists
Balloon BedBalloon JugglingBalloon Olympics
Balloon SymphonyBalsawood AirplanesBid, Barter, Build
Blind KnotsBomb SquadBomb the Flame
Bombs and ShieldsBowline Flood RescueBowline Race
Bowline Sheetbend Trust LeanBrain Bender - Water JugsBull Riders
Bungee in the BucketCampsite RescueCan Store Compass
Candle DuelCandy Grab BagCard Swap
Centipede CrawlChain Gang EscapeChair Building - Teamwork
Chariot RacesChinese NumbersChoose the Bucket
Citizenship MobileClove Hitch on a TreeCollecting Sasquatch Fur
Compass Point ExchangeCopycat CollectionCount to 10
Count Up Scavenger HuntCoup SticksCritter Creations
Dark WalkersDeal or No DealDouble Juggle
Electric Jail Break-OutEscaped ConvictsEverybody Up
EvolutionEye WitnessFalcon Island Rescue
Family FeudFeed MeFeet In
Finding A to ZFire Building, String Burning, Water BoilingFire Transfer
Follow the LightFrisbee BridgeGet to Know You - Cover Up
Get to Know You - Nuts and BoltsGet to Know You - Truth or LieGiants of Industry
GillyWump CampsiteGlow TeamGlued Feet Race
Going CampingGold RushGotcha
Grab My StuffGreat InvestmentsGroup Counting
Group DrawingGroup JugglingGroup Jump Rope
Group MorphGroup Push UpGroup Sculpture
Guess a MinuteHA!Hand Slap
Heads or Tails HikeHealing GroundHeight, Width, Direction Estimation
Hidden RouteHigh LowHole in my Pack
Human Bomb SquadHuman LadderHuman Pyramid
Human Rain StormHuman RobotHuman Spring
Hunting ElephantsIce RescueImagine That
Indoor Miniature GolfInvisible MazeIts My Lucky Day
Jimmy JimmyJumping Bean RelayKeep Away
Keypad ScrambleKim's Knot TrailKnight Errantry
Knot or NotKnow Your LeafLadder Lashing
Lashing Grab BagLashing Travois RacesLava Walkers
Leaky Water BarrelLicorice KnotsLifeline Throw
Light It UpLint Lighting RelayLog Convoy
Log LiftLotsa KnotsMafia
Magnified MovementsMap MakingMars Rover
Marshmallow Kick, Throw, and BlowMedicine PouchesMicro Cooking
Micro Scavenger HuntMimicMixed Up Questions
Nano Nature TrailNewspaper ArchitectsNine Magazines
Nitro SwingOpposite ActionsPancake Relay
Paper Airplanes Paper ShufflePass the Bead
Pass the MessagePassing RacePatrol Coup Sticks
Patrol Spirit CompetitionPatrol StaffPitching Pennies
Pocket RopePoint NorthPolice the Site
Pooh SticksPretzel LashingPsychic Hand Shake
Pull Your WeightQuartermaster's ShakedownQuick Intelligence Test
Radioactive Isotope TransportRadioactive TransportReactor Transporter
Recipe Treasure HuntReinforcements On the WayRetrieve the Secret Message
Reverse-oRing on a StringRing on a String - Giant Size
Rock, Paper, Scissors HikeRope MarchRope Shapes
RPS SnakeSand ArtSave the Dinosaur Egg
Scout BaseballScout Bucks AuctionScout Meets Scout
Scout Skills JeopardyScoutmaster StalkingScoutorama
Secret Good DeedSignal RaceSigns Up
Skin the SnakeSkyscrapersSnow Snakes
Sock PuppetsSoda Pop DetectivesSort Em Out
Space InvadersSpace RescueSpider Web
Spy StalkingStalking and ReportingSuspend a Log
Taut-line HitchTelephone and BullhornTelephone Pole Shuffle
Three MonkeysTiger Neckerchief SlideTightrope Walk
Tin SoldiersTiny Tea TimeTouch It, Not Me
Touch StickTrade UpTrail to the Treasure
Trailing the HareTripod Swing LashingTrivial Pursuit
Trolley ShuffleTroop Fitness ChallengeUncle Zeb's Lost Treasure
UnRavel the GroupWacky AnimalsWalking on Mars
Warp SpeedWax FirestartersWebelos Puzzles
Weird Noise MakersWet PennyWho Am I?
Who Did the Good TurnWho Said That? 

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